Patents & Utility Models

Creating and drafting patent & utility model applications
Our technical experience, ingenuity and empathy to create future-oriented and comprehensive intellectual property rights, allows us to draft valuable patent applications and successfully prosecute them before the Japanese Patent Office, the IP-5 Offices and beyond.
Prosecuting domestic and foreign patent & utility model applications
It has always been our firm’s strength to prosecute foreign patent applications in Japan. For all of our clients, we provide an effective prosecution of patent and utility applications at the Japanese Patent Office and at foreign Patent Offices in a cost-conscious manner.
Our technological field of expertise
Electrical Engineering / Information Technology / Image and Signal Processing / Sensor and Measuring Technology / Semiconductor Technology / Mechanical Engineering / Mechanics / Mechatronics / Automotive / Machining


(Patent literature) Prior Art Searches, Freedom-To-Operate Analysis:

Prior Art Searches have always been a strength of our firm. Due to the patent examiner or judicial research officer background of experts in our firm, we can provide accurate and to the point prior art searches, which can be either used for initiating opposition or invalidations proceedings against interfering patents of competitors or for due diligence measures with regard to freedom-to-operate analysis at the point of product development or for marketing research with regard to new markets. It is always good to have legal certainty when it comes to large investments, we provide you with the foundation to duly evaluate the patent in question.


We support your motions as a patent owner or as an opponent with sound arguments, to the point prior art or critical analysis to the difference of the claim scope.

Expert opinions on the validity or invalidity of patent rights:

Our firm also provide you with reliable expert opinion on the infringement of patent rights in Japan and support our clients with Freedom-to-operate Analysis to ensure their market success in Japan.

Other IP-Rights

Our firm takes care of trademark and design application registrations at the Japanese Patent Office and at the IP-5 Offices and beyond.


Trademark registration can be challenging and frustrating for foreign clients without knowledge of the Japanese language comprising different Japanese character letters (such as Chinese characters (Kanji); Hiragana or Katakana characters or the Latin transcript thereof and the associations of pictures and symbols in Japan. We are confident to successfully provide our clients with both, a domestic and/or an international registration of their trademark.

We not only conduct trademark searches in order to ensure a successful registration, we also provide you with advice about the different kind of trademarks available for your market entry or provide you appropriate solution to resolve a conflict with interfering trademarks to our existing trademarks in Japan.


We have plentiful experience in filing design application at Japanese Patent Office. Nowadays, as the protection of design right was expanded in accordance to the Japanese design law novelty in 2020, the registration of design rights gain momentum for various new products and structures.

Our Firm’s Dedication