Online Video-Consultation

You can consult face-to-face via online video conference software with one of our designated patent attorneys We provide online consultation regarding patent- and trademark applications in Japan.

We provide answers to questions such as"Is my idea patentable?"
"I want to obtain a patent or trademark, but I don't know what to do."
"I don't have a contact person for discussing about patent applications, so I would like to consult a patent firm with a proven track record. Can you assist me?" etc.

We accept inquiries regarding patent applications and trademark applications. Please feel free to contact us via the following:

Online consultation is possible using ZOOM or Microsoft Teams.
First-timer online consultation sessions between 30 to 60 minutes are free of charge.
A personalized consultation with one of our designated patent attorneys provides you with confidence and certainty.

Is my invention patentable?
We will also advise you how to obtain the patent and trademark right and strategies for using it.

How to apply

  • Please apply using the below online form

    When applying, please be sure to let us know the desired date and time. In addition, please specify whether you would like to consult with ZOOM or Microsoft Teams.

  • Contact on consultation day

    We will contact you by email to confirm the date and time of the consultation session.

  • On the consultation day

    At the time of consultation, please access the specified URL you have obtained in our confirmation e-mail. You can consult face-to-face attorney and discuss about materials. A video conference consultation is about 30-60 minutes.

  • Patent Attorney

    Please select a Japanese patent attorney you would like to consult from the page below.

Application form

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Please note that if you describe the content of the invention in detail, you may lose the novelty of your invention.

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