Our Firm's Philosophy

TAKEWA (武和) is a combination of the Japanese words “武”, the art of conflict and “和” which means harmony.
By combining these words, which stand for opposing approaches, TAKEWA, as a traditional Japanese metaphor, describes the firm’s philosophy, namely to look from different perspectives for the best solution.

About us

Founded by Mr. Take, a former appeal examiner at the Japanese patent office in collaboration with engineers and scientists in 1974, the firm became a Patent Body Cooperate Entity under Japanese Law and was renamed to its today’s firm name TAKEWA (武和) in 2005.
TAKEWA also stands for firm’s philosophy to look from different perspectives for the best solution. This philosophy manifests itself in the firm's culture, in the way our employees interact with our clients and with each other, and in the range of services our firm provides for our clients.

Accordingly, complementary core competencies for such perspectives have always been the firm‘s focus.
On one side, the competencies of technical experience, ingenuity and empathy to create future-oriented and comprehensive intellectual property rights are at the centre of the successful inventor services of our patent attorneys and patent engineers.
On the other side, the critical assessment and objective evaluation of intellectual property rights in order to create strong rights and to offer clients legal certainty in the market is at the centre of reliable analyses during the application proceedings and the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Hence, in the more than 45 years since its foundation, our firm has developed a unique culture, which is continued by the careful selection of the partners in our firm and enables each employee to utilities the perspective of his counterpart and to select the best solution based on a synoptic view.

In addition, the firm’s philosophy is also oriented towards international perspectives, so that in addition to the above core competencies, the strengths of our employees also include interdisciplinary and cross-national competencies, such as cultural understanding vis-à-vis international clients and knowledge of the peculiarities of intellectual property prosecution in other countries.

We are proud that we have trained and employed committed and socially as well as professionally competent employees. These employees make it easy for clients to trust in our firm’s services.
We see ourselves as a partner to our clients, who is always reliably at their side and always guaranteeing suitable solutions for the prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
We live the intellectual property rights we have created for our clients and are proud when they contribute to the success of our clients.

Firm's Information

Managing Partner
Junichiro Kakiuchi
2nd Floor, UNIZO Nishishimbashi 3-chome Bldg., 13-3, Nishishimbashi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
+81- 3-5776-2711
Patent attorneys = 10, European patent attorney = 1, Patent Engineers = 2, Patent Administration = 8