Patent Attorney Hideki Tsuboi

Intellectual property, Information technology (IT) and Management,
three essentials for your successful business strategy


After completing his master's degree in mechanical engineering in 2004, Mr. Tsuboi gained experience as a R&D engineer at precision equipment manufacturer, where he worked in development, design and production of cameras and printing equipment and eventually became familiar with creating intellectual property rights from inventions and designs.
Inspired by the value of the creation of intellectual property rights, he started his career in IP, passed the patent attorney examination and gained expert knowledge in intellectual property prosecution consulting at a patent law firm.

Mr. Tsuboi is translating his passion for ingenuity and intellectual property creation into valuable client services such as strategic planning for intellectual property protection for companies including prior art search, and infringement and freedom to operate analysis and focuses on the creation and prosecution of patent applications from the inventive idea towards an effective IP portfolio. Though working for large companies, he also has experience with consulting small and medium enterprises, venture and start-up companies as well as research institutions and universities.

To ensure valuable and useful IP rights and to apply a tailored business strategy to his clients, Mr. Tsuboi further obtained a SME qualification and an MBA. His cross professional knowledge in business administration, business strategy, finance and marketing provide more than just IP consulting to our clients and allows them to benefit from various business-related prospects such as the view point of an entrepreneur, manager and engineer.

Mr. Tsuboi’s philosophy is that nowadays intellectual property rights are not only nice-to-have accessories that reflect the client`s strive for innovation, but vital means for securing business success in M&A, outsourcing, standardization. It is Mr. Tsuboi’s ambition to provide a proper intellectual property strategy that provides the clients with a head start for the founding or creating a new business, the ease of mind to secure cash flow and financial agility as well as with a sound opportunity to gain market share and academic acceptance for their ideas.

Fields of Expertise

Expertise in patent attorney consulting in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering in Japan. Experience in cross professional service consulting involving management consulting services that take into account management strategies, start-up support, business analysis and systemization strategies, etc. in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).


Technical Fields
Control, IT/semiconductor/software (including embedded software), network/communication
Shizuoka Prefecture
Patent Attorney JPAA 2011 (Reg. No. 17754)
Certified Small and Mediam Enterprise Management Consultant J-SMECA (Reg. No. 419854)
Certified IP management technician (patent administration)
Information processing engineer examination: Applied Information Engineer (AP)
Certified Member of the Japan Deep Learning Association
Professional Career
2020 - Patent Attorney at Takewa International Patent Office
2013 - 2020 Patent Attorney at an International Patent Office
2004 - 2013 Konica Minolta Technology Center Co., Ltd.
M.Sc. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kogakuin University
MBA Department of Commerce, Graduate School of Commerce, Chiba University of Commerce
Extra Curriculum Activities
General Visiting Researcher, Institute of Economic Research, Chiba University of Commerce
Member of the Intellectual Property Utilization Business Study Group, Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Medical Consultant Association
Japanese, English