Patent Attorney Minako Odagi


Ms. Odagi holds a degree in physics and astrophysics from the Science Faculty of Kyoto University and has 7 years of work experience in the field of aerospace technology for space systems. Before joining our firm in 2016, she also gained legal knowledge and practical experience in a patent research firm and in a patent attorney firm. Ms. Odagi's strong technical skills combined with her experience in patent research and analysis enable her to thoroughly understand the underlying technology and to optimally translate it into the patent right to be created. She effectively analyses the scope of the anticipated patent application in order to achieve an optimal scope of protection. Ms. Odagi dedicates her work live to high-tech applications in her field., She also has extensive knowledge of foreign patent laws and international prosecution of patent families in various countries.

Fields of Expertise

Drafting and prosecution of patent applications, patent search and evaluation of patent rights, international prosecution of domestic rights and domestic prosecution of foreign patent applications.


Technical Fields
Electrical engineering, signal & information processing, radio & telecommunication systems engineering, avionics & aerospace technology
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Patent Attorney JPAA registered since 2005 (Reg. No. 14300)
Qualified Infringement Litigator JPAA qualified since 2011
Professional Career
2016 Patent Attorney at Takewa International Patent office
2005 Patent Attorney at a Patent law office
1998 Patent Engineer at Patent research and analysis firm
Fujitsu Limited Space Systems Department
Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
Japanese, English